Flowers in heart shape form under a pink background
Flowers in heart shape form under a pink background
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There we are, living smack in the middle of a generation that preaches hustle culture like a religion. The mantra goes a bit like this: the more you work, the more you are celebrated, and the more worthy you are. And if you’re not seen as doing anything productive with your time, you FAIL (with a capital F) at this game called life. Honestly, seeing Gary V-type motivational quotes like hustle ‘till you’re dead make me want to cringe.

And as for women, we are not left out of this equation. In fact, most of the time women feel as though they need to hustle even harder to prove themselves as equal to their male counterparts — primarily those who fight for gender equality. And don’t get me wrong, I believe in equal opportunities for both men and women but what I disagree with is that we have inherent differences that tend to be overlooked. …

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It’s been a strange few months.

Stricter measures are being implemented in various countries. We’re watching the world collapse from a distance: unemployment skyrocketing, businesses failing, companies making budget cuts, the stock market plummeting etc.

Life is no longer what it used to be. Masks, social distancing, curfew are all signs of our submission, to the government, to strict laws, and all we are left to do as a result of the lurking fear is to stay isolated within the confines of our homes. It reminds me of the movie V for Vendetta —a real example of life imitating art.

‘I have understood that our lives will never be the same.’ …

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My flatmate and I went to the beach the other day, and we wanted to take some photos in our bikinis. She made a remark and said, ‘You have zero fat on your body!’

It was the first time I’ve heard anyone say that about me, because they wouldn’t know how much I struggled with my weight and body image.

Looking back at my journey, I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress.

In my teen years, I was not at all comfortable with my body. It started when I was 15 until I was about 20. My weight would fluctuate easily, and after putting in all of my efforts to lose weight, I would gain it all back again. …

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Unsplash: Eaters Collective

Two weeks ago, my Motorola smartphone I had for almost two years stopped working.

It happened when I decided to take it in next to the bathtub to play music. It was a risky move, but I convinced myself that if it was fine before, then I could do it again.

This time, the screen went completely dead.

It looked like some water splashed on it and steam went inside — not only did sheer panic rush over me, I was anxious about not being able to use a phone at all. …

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Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

Something very tragic happened to me, and it completely turned my world upside down.

I had a good start to 2020, as I had set myself new goals. I started hitting all of my targets at work, ate healthier, started doing yoga and moved into a new flat with a sea view.

Everything was going well, until my ex-boyfriend died in a motorbike accident.

My body is still responding to the shock, but it was impossible to fall asleep when you deal with such grief. My body swelled up and the bags around my eyes went darker. The death of a loved one is just a reminder of how fragile our lives are, and can vanish within seconds — just like flicking off a switch. …

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Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

There’s always been one question that’s often on my mind.

What does it all mean?

It’s such a vast question that’s almost impossible to answer. We generally try to avoid it because it would leave us feeling overwhelmed. Well, that didn’t stop me.

It all started in high school, where we had to choose where we went to college. Suddenly, the thought of going into the big wide world and making adult-like decisions was terrifying.

Everyone said that you need to go to a good school, get a degree to get a decent-paying job.

Then I thought, what’s the point? Is that what life is about? …

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It’s that time of year where everyone is stressed about their plans for Christmas and New Year’s, but I’d like to give this time to reflect and think about how I’m going to approach the new year.

I love journaling my thoughts daily, because it gives me space for reflection and mental clarity.


I’ve reflected on my journey this past year, spiritual and mental, and on the experiences I’ve had.

I followed this template from Zen Habits.

  • Reflect on the past year. How did it go? What went well? …

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Unsplash: Patrick Schneider

The mind is always occupied.

We’re always thinking about the next thing. It could be feeling anxious about the future, worrying about how other people would react to us — or even worse, imagining scenarios in the future where everything goes wrong.

If you lay everything out on paper, the mind can actually look like a garbage dump. There is constant chatter — our fears, anxiety, worries pile up to the point where we feel extremely overwhelmed.

Quick Tip: Don’t live inside your head.

Our society is at fault here.

The modern-day sedentary and exploitative lifestyle not only leads to a polluted mind, but to obesity, depression and crippling anxiety. …

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‘The things you own end up owning you.’ — Fight Club

Money makes the world go around and makes people go crazy for it.

Since the 1950s, shopping was a social activity and for some, a form of therapy.

I have friends who love shopping, and as soon as they get something new, they feel ecstatic, would jump and say, LOOK AT WHAT I BOUGHT TODAY!! Most people have this reaction…

Women actually account for 85% of consumer purchases. I used to go on shopping sprees, but I’ve actually given up on that.

Being A Global Nomad Made Me Stop Buying Things

When you live on your own, a lot of your perceptions change. My feelings about materialism and consumption have altered since moving around the world on my own at 14. …

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In the modern world, we feel increasingly vulnerable to addiction — from shopping, junk food, social media, pornography, smoking to substance abuse — it seems as if we are constantly trying to find something to distract ourselves for a sense of relief.

It feels comforting. It’s a safe place to retreat to, like a home.

We think that it would give us a quick fix to relieve ourselves from the pain or the loneliness we might feel.

An addiction shows an unconscious need to escape from reality, because ultimately, we can’t bear it. …


Chloe Mason

Global nomad. Health, growth & spirituality.

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